I am proud to say I have my career here at Medway Realty. I started with Basic skills and the Broker Andrew has made me into a great agent. read more

Daniel Welch

Would I recommend Andrew Clark. Absolutely! Over a year ago, I was hesitant to leave my “large, nationally recognized brokerage” , turns out, it was the best move read more

Stephen Soboleski

Andrew Clark has been my broker since 2014. As a new sales agent, I looked to him to answer numerous questions. He was always and continues to be incredibly responsive. read more

Betty Masiello

Medway Realty is a great realty brokerage to work for and with. There is plenty of support and training offered by Andrew. read more

Mark Marsicovetere

I would like to highly recommend Medway Realty to a new (or experienced) agent primarily due to the numerous and inexpensive realtor plans that Medway read more

Molly Kehoe

Andrew Clark is a salesman. Period. Who has decided to run a professional, engaging, instructional brokers office. I have found him to honest in his dealings with me, and most of all honest read more

Jeffrey N Harkey

Recommendation from Colleen Gibson I am on the 100% program and love the plan! Medway Realty makes sure that all my documents are in compliance which is of top concern read more

Colleen Gibson

I have know Andrew since he first received his REALTOR license, we were actually in class together. We kept in touch while I worked with several other brokers, and I have watched Andrew with proud enthusiasm read more

Eric Freeman

Medway provides a professional brokerage firm for my partner and me. They allow us the flexibility to work at our pace and with our client base while providing excellent technical read more

Jim Festa

Karen and I have both been Medway Realty associates for the past 18 months. We are very happy with Medway Realty. Andrew Clark offers a variety of programs read more

Mark Collier

When you ask a buyer, or seller what they appreciate most in a Realtor. They will usually respond with, “I want an agent that will answer their phone read more

Karen D

I’m very happy to have my real estate license with Medway Realty. I feel their fees are extremely fair and I love all of their add-on tools! read more

Stephanie Danielson

Recommendation from Paul Casavant I have had my real estate license for 10 years. Since joining Medway Realty 3 years ago and with the guidance, training, and support of Andrew Clark read more

Paul Casavant

have not worked with a better Broker/partner than Andrew. His responsiveness, dedication, deep knowledge of the industry and relentless pursuit of the team’s success is second to none read more

Darrin Campbell

Andrew is always on top of the newest and best technology which is crucial for today’s Realtor. I’ve been very pleased for the last couple years being with Medway, read more

Rachelle L Belanger

Recommendation from Katy Dilmore I have only been with Medway Realty for a couple of months read more

Katy Dilmore

Switching from Sothebys to Medway was not only a financial homerun but it has more than represented itself as one of the best descisions I have ever made. read more

Rigo Rivera

I am so glad I chose Medway Realty. The Broker, Andrew Clark, is a hands-on working Broker who has extensive experience in the field and will go to great lengths to offer his assistance read more

Becky Brewer
Becky Brewer

I’ve been licensed since 2003 and switched to Medway Realty a little over 2 years ago. Andrew is a terrific broker! He is always responsive and certainly can teach you how to sell real estate… read more

Lynne Dowd
Lynne M. Dowd

You will not find a better broker. I am completely confident in that statement. Whatever stage in your real estate career you are, you will take something away from having Andrew as your mentor… read more

courtney gostkowski
Courtney Gostkowski