Training & Support

The business model at Medway Realty really enables you to “run your business, within our business”. There are no mandatory meetings or training. If you want to just “do your own thing” and run your real estate business without visiting the office or getting involved in training then that is absolutely fine.

Online On Demand Real Estate Coaching

Training and Support when you need it!

When you join Medway Realty you are provided with an unlimited level of Broker and Admin support. The broker is always available to promptly answer your questions or concerns by telephone or email.

The office has regular training sessions on relevant topics, such as new documents, procedures and changes to the market place. As a Medway agent you will be invited to these meetings and you can decide if you wish to attend.

Typically we invite a local partner/vendor who will provide lunch to our agents and we have some very productive meetings.

So, when you join Medway Realty you are in control of just how much or how little training you get involved with. The one thing you will be aware of, is that support is always there when you need it.

Discuss your options in joining Medway Realty or schedule a confidential interview with us! Please call Andrew Clark on 941-929-4223 or email at