Agent Residual Program

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Make up to $10,000 a year from every agent you refer to join Medway Realty!


Sponsor any Licensed Sales Associate to join Medway Realty and you will receive a commission for life.  We will pay you 10% of the Gross Commission generated by every agent that you refer to join the Medway Realty Lead Plan.


This is the perfect way to make extra residual income or set up a retirement exit strategy to build for your future.


We also pay every agent $15 a month for life for each sales associate
you refer to join the Medway Realty 100% Plan.

If you would like to discuss joining Medway Realty or would like to schedule a confidential interview, please call the Managing Broker, on 941-929-4223 or email him at or visit

Terms and Conditions Apply

  1. Sponsoring is considered when an existing licensed Medway Realty agent (Sponsor) refers the recruitment of another agent (Sponsored Party) to join Medway Realty as a licensed sales associate with an active Florida Real Estate License. The referral must be supplied by completing a link which you will be provided once you are an agent with the company.
    Sponsor shall receive an email confirmation from Medway Realty accepting the sponsorship submission of a sponsored party. Any sponsored party that is in existing and ongoing communication with Medway Realty will result in the sponsorship being rejected and evidence of such communication with the sponsored party showing previous and ongoing communications will be supplied.
  2. Sponsored party must sign an independent agent agreement with Medway Realty within 90 days of sponsorship acceptance in order for sponsor to receive the sponsorship. Participation / assistance may be suggested from sponsor in order to secure the hiring of the sponsored party.
  3. Only one sponsorship submission may be submitted every 180 days for each sponsoring party by a sponsor. Only one sponsor per sponsoring party and first to sponsor will be paid the sponsorship.
  4. There are no limits to the number of agents a Medway Realty agent can sponsor.
  5. To receive the 10% commission on lead plan agents, you must also be an active agent on the Medway Realty Lead Plan, if on another plan, you will be credited $15 per month as per 100% plan.
    The sponsorship bonus is capped at $10,000 per calendar year, per sponsor for each sponsoring party joining Medway Realty.
  6. Sponsorship bonus is single level only and there are no multi-level payments in any way.
  7. Sponsorship  bonus will be paid immediately to the sponsoring associate upon each closing.
  8. The sponsor bonus is based on a first communicated basis and if Medway Realty are already in active discussions with an agent, no referral bonus will be paid. This is paid solely on an introduction by the sponsoring associate to Medway Realty.
  9. Sponsoring agent must maintain an active real estate license with Medway Realty.